Porsche 964 Carrera 4

Porsche 964 Carrera 4

Targa, 1991


  • German extradition
  • Paint Amethyst Perlcolor (original paint)
  • Raffia leather classic gray

German delivery – mileage: 45,200 – model year 1992 – Amethyst Pearlcolor – 100% first paint level
The Porsche 964 Targa: The most beautiful combination of coupé and convertible. The 911 model series from 1992 is technically sophisticated and was already equipped with the popular cup rims and cup mirrors as standard. This special example was handed over to the first owner on December 11th, 1991 as part of a factory delivery and registered on January 2nd, 1992. The car was driven in the Dortmund region for almost all of its time and was serviced in local Porsche centers. The last owner had the car continuously for 22 years.

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The vehicle in detail

According to our paint layer measurement, the measurable body parts show no deviations from the original paintwork. Like the body, the overall impression of the car is largely untouched. The rubber and trim, interior and instruments, as well as the underbody and the technology, are in immaculate condition. Only the occasional stone chips are a reminder that this example was delivered over 30 years ago and at the same time document how rare a vehicle in this state of preservation is.
All production stickers are still present and the original underbody protection is also still applied. The vehicle has not suffered any damage or impairment due to water or salt. In its completely original condition without modifications, this example is in a condition that is absolutely worth collecting.

The 964 Carrera 4 Targa with all-wheel drive was only built a little more than 1,300 times – with a total number of 62,000. Piece. If you subtract the Tiptronic and export vehicles, this is probably one of the rarest Porsche models on our roads – rarer than a 964 Turbo, RS or Speedster, mind you.
Thanks to the knowledgeable previous owners: they have had the car serviced in three Porsche centers, a total of 12 times so far, every one to two years and otherwise only driven it when the weather was nice. Since 2015, the car has been moved less due to the owner's limited mobility, which is why extensive service work was carried out at the Dortmund PZ in November 2023. The present invoices confirm that the maintenance intervals have been fully adhered to.
The standard equipment of this model was already lavishly equipped. The optional equipment has been chosen to be particularly exclusive: the fully electric comfort seats made of ruffled leather with seat heating were chosen for the front and rear. The trunk lining was also lined with velor carpet. The exclusive department contributed the light burl wood for the dashboard, as well as the insert for the gear lever button consisting of the Porsche coat of arms in silver. In addition, air conditioning and the sound package were installed. A current Bluetooth radio with a new sound system is currently integrated without causing any damage to the interior. With this original radio, the delivery condition can be restored without leaving any residue.
The entire interior is clean and well-maintained and almost completely free of any noticeable wear and tear.
Amethyst, star ruby, speed yellow, maritime blue. These colors give you goosebumps and a pure 90s feeling. The color combination Amethyst Pearlcolor with the ruffled leather interior in classic gray and the wood inlays from the exclusive manufacturer is probably one of the most beautiful and exquisite ways to experience and maintain a Porsche with the analogue 90s flair.
In the 964 Targa, the 3.6 liter 6-cylinder boxer engine with dual ignition ensures amazing propulsion. The unit produces 250HP at 6,100 rpm and has a torque of 310NM at 4,800 rpm. The 911 accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds – at 260 km/h it stops. The 3.6 engine of the 964 is known for its great smoothness and distributes its increased power more linearly across the speed range than its predecessors.
The complete original logbook with all contents such as the operating instructions is also available, as is the complete set of keys and tools, which is in an unused and partly originally welded condition.
Timeless: The classic and unmistakable Targa silhouette
Conclusion: The 964 Targa combines the design language of the nineties with the concept of the safety convertible from the sixties. For many Porsche enthusiasts, the Targa version is a particularly aesthetic and individual form. Therefore, finding a Targa as a Carrera 4 with low mileage, long-term German ownership and this level of preservation in a special color combination is already unique for us and therefore offers Porsche enthusiasts the rare opportunity to purchase one of the most exciting Porsche models of the 90s. The 964 models in particular have been very popular for some time and will continue to do so.
This vehicle has been tested by us and you receive this with a 12 month warranty when you purchase from Motorlegenden. After a current inspection, this car will receive a new general inspection and will be handed over with an insurance report upon request. We offer you further services such as transfer, classic car all-risk insurance, protective wrapping and acquisition through leasing or financing.
We would also be happy to trade in or market your Porsche in top condition.
“Engine legends: Buy a Porsche with a good feeling.”
Vehicle history:
It was delivered to the factory on December 11, 1991 and was first registered on January 2, 1992, to the first owner. After being kept for 7 years, the car changed hands in 1999 before being registered to the third owner in 2000. The last owner took ownership of the car in May 2001. The car has been registered to him continuously for the last 22 years. The first and only vehicle registration document is in the original, which means that all previous owners can be completely traced and the history can be verified and documented beyond any doubt. The vehicle has also been serviced exclusively by the same Porsche center, PZ Dortmund, since 2007 and has a total of 17 maintenance entries in the original service booklet. Extensive maintenance was currently carried out there according to specifications on November 6th, 2023 at km 45,193, new tires were fitted and a general inspection was carried out.
Service history documented by checkbook entries:
May 7, 1992 at km 3,200 Vehicle maintenance at Porsche dealer Autohaus Konrad in Bruchsal
On June 15, 1993 at km 7,470 annual maintenance at Porsche dealer Autohaus Konrad in Bruchsal
On July 6, 1994 at 9,100 km annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Karlsruhe
On April 2, 1996 at 12,100 km annual maintenance at the Porsche Center Karlsruhe
On July 16, 1997 at 13,500 km annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Karlsruhe
On April 12, 1999 at km 17,430 vehicle maintenance in the Porsche Center Berlin South
On January 2, 2001 at km 21,996 annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Bremen
On June 21, 2002 at 30,300 km annual maintenance at the Porsche Center Soest
On May 22, 2003 at km 32,133 annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
On April 8, 2004 at km 33,976 annual maintenance at Küke Motorsport in Essen
On April 28, 2005 at km 36,916 vehicle maintenance and brake fluid change at Küke Motorsport in Essen
On May 10, 2007 at km 40,248 annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
On May 5th, 2009 at km 41,573 annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
On August 2, 2011 at km 43,219 vehicle maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
On June 18, 2013 at km 43,950 annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
On September 8th, 2015 at km 44,919 annual maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
On November 6th, 2023 at km 45,198 vehicle maintenance and brake fluid change in the Porsche Center Dortmund
Vehicle condition and assessment (according to our knowledge and statement from the last owner and visual inspection):
Exterior paintwork
Based on the paint layer measurement carried out and the resulting values, it can be assumed that this is the original paintwork at factory level. No repainting or additional painting could be detected.
The body is in very good condition. The closing behavior and accuracy of fit of the doors and hoods is impeccable.
attachment parts
All add-on parts of the vehicle are complete. They are in very good condition all around.
The vehicle's glazing is almost free of stone chips and scratches. All seals on the vehicle are original and fit perfectly.
Seats and panels
The entire seating system, the side panels and the center console are in very good condition. There is hardly any wear and tear and there is no damage.
The vehicle has the standard instruments, which are all in technically and visually perfect condition. All instruments are working properly at this time.
Aggregates engine
Due to the completely traceable history, it can be assumed that the engine and transmission are the original units of the vehicle. The entire engine compartment, including the engine and its attachments, are in very good condition. The cold start behavior and the engine running over the entire temperature range up to the constant operating temperature are impeccable.
Additional aggregates
All additional units such as the ignition system, starter, alternator, etc. are currently in perfect technical condition.
The vehicle's transmission shifts perfectly in all load conditions. There are no suspicious noises. The gearbox works perfectly.
The function and precision of the steering are the same as when delivered.
Chassis and brake system
The brake discs and brake pads are in very good condition. All prescribed maintenance work was carried out regularly on the brake system and chassis.
wheel and tires
The Pirelli tires (DOT 0723 and 1323) are new and were installed in November 2023. The rims are in very good condition and show no damage.
Electrics and lighting
The entire electrical system is in very good condition. No changes have been made here, but all care and maintenance measures have been carried out so that the entire electrical system is currently functioning properly in all areas.
481 manual transmission
488 Label German
499 Version for the Federal Republic of Germany
339 All-wheel drive
403 Cup cast wheel, 17 inch
437 Comfort seat on the left, electrically adjustable
438 Comfort seat on the right, electrically adjustable
139 Seat heating, left seat
340 Seat heating, right seat
932 Rear seat covers, fabric/synthetic leather/synthetic leather
975 Trunk lining with velor carpet
980 Raffia leather seat covers
X17 light burl wood dashboard
XC6 Insert for gear lever button Porsche coat of arms silver
573 air conditioning
490 sound pack
288 Headlight cleaning system
327 Radio “Symphony RDS”
423 cassettes and coin containers
425 Rear window wiper
441 Radio preparation
513 Lumbar support right seat
562 Airbag driver and passenger side
567 Windshield heavily colored in the upper area
586 Lumbar support left seat
605 Headlight range adjustment
659 Onboard computer
685 Split rear seats
German extradition
Km reading: 45,200
Original paint
Continuously serviced
Paint Amethyst Pearlcolor
Raff leather classic gray
Great service in 11.2023

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Year of construction: 1991
Model: 964 Carrera 4
Body: Targa
Series: 964
Mileage: 45200 km
Power: 250 HP
Cylinder capacity: 3,6 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Four-wheel drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Grey
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Violet
Manufacturer color code (exterior): Amethyst Perlcolor 38A
Matching numbers: yes
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: Germany
Car location: DEGermany

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