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Porsche 924

In 1975, the Porsche 924, their first vehicle with a water-cooled front engine, came onto the market. Only the coupe version of the Porsche 924, which was built until 1988, was available ex works, optionally with a removable targa roof. Customers had a choice of 924, 924 S, 924 Turbo and 924 Carrera GT for the Porsche 924. The output of the 2.0 to 2.5-liter inline-four-cylinder engines ranged from 125 to 210 hp in the street versions. The transmission was located in the rear of all Porsche 924 models. This design is called transaxle and characterized almost two decades at Porsche. A total of 150,684 Porsche 924s were produced.

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